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        Turner Powertrain Systems

        About Turner Power Train

        Since 1859, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have relied on Turner Powertrain Systems to develop transmissions that deliver the performance, functionality and reliability that their customers demand. As a wholly owned, subsidiary company of Caterpillar Inc, this brand has earned a world-class reputation for quality, durability and innovation.

        Product Offerings

        Turner Powertrain Systems is the world market leader in developing and manufacturing transmissions for backhoes, wheel loaders and telehandlers. The transmissions produced by Turner Powertrain Systems include manual gear select (Powershuttle), semi and automatic gear change (Powershift), and hydrostatic transmissions. The transmissions are designed for applications including telescopic handlers, rough terrain fork-lift trucks, backhoe loaders, site dumpers, agricultural sprayers, mining support vehicles, airport vehicles and rail maintenance of way service vehicles.

        Why Turner Power?Train

        Turner Powertrain Systems is a leading provider of quality ready-to-run products, engines and components offering initial affordability, reliability, simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as responsive support. Skilled engineers collaborate with OEMs to create transmissions specifically designed for machines to deliver optimum performance. This engineering support is offered during the development and production phases and throughout the entire transmission's life.


        Material handling, construction, agriculture and forestry.

        Countries of Use:

        Brazil, India, North America, Europe

        Distribution Channels:

        Product is sold direct to Original Equipment Manufacturers.